Acupuncture Explained
Acupuncture is a holistic medicine which treats the entire
person. Treatment is therefore tailored not just towards the
presenting symptom but within the context of the unique

The beauty of this
approach is that a patient
often finds that other
aspects of their health will
improve alongside the
original complaint that
brought them for treatment.

Acupuncture is about the stimulation of certain points on the
body to control and regulate the flow and balance of energy
of the body. The Chinese refer to the energy of the body as
"Chi" or “Qi”.

The body works best when vital energy circulates around the
body exactly as it should. At this time, everything in the body
is in balance between two different principles, Yin and Yang.
Yin generally is assigned to relaxed, cool, passive objects or
feelings. Yang is assigned to active, warm, and assertive
objects, organs, and actions. The vital energy flows from
one organ system to another to maintain balance between
Yin and Yang. When this energy is blocked or depleted, the
body no longer works well and symptoms begin to appear.
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